Electric Panel Solutions (MV-Cleaner) (MV-Panel)

MV-Panel-150x150 MVCleaner-150x150Electric Panel Solutions include two products: MV-Cleaner used for cleaning electric panels and MV-Panel which is ideal to avoid corrosion in electric panels for an extensive period of time.


  1. Electrical panel cleaner (MV-Cleaner)
  2. Electric panel protection (MV-Panel)


  • Protective for electrical panels (2)
  • For better results, apply MV-Panel protection after cleaning with MV-Cleaner (2)


  • Substitutes similar products that contains toxic solvents such as perchloric acid and tetrachloro (1)
  • Forms monomolecular protective film which prevents waste desorption (1)
  • Quick drying (1)
  • Complex geometry parts degrease with high efficiency (1)
  • Ability to set anticorrosive surface stabilizer crystals: V-Active Technology (1)
  • Easy installation (2)
  • Effective protection against oxidation inside electrical panels (2)
  • Keeps electrical panels corrosion safe after cleaning (2)
  • Volatilizes protecting the whole environment (2)
  • Easy to handle and apply