TankAdditives-150x150Concentrated V-Active additives to protect equipment and internal systems against corrosion.


  1. Corrosion Inhibitor for formulated oils (MVOil)
  2. Corrosion inhibitor for Diesel (MVNautic)
  3. Corrosion Inhibitor for water based fluids (MVAqua)


  • Application in closed environments where the anticorrosion protective in its air phase is kept enclosed
  • Nautical use (2)
  • Industrial cooling systems (3)


  • Forms a protective film with almost imperceptible thickness
  • High chemical stability
  • Ability to set anticorrosive surface stabilizer crystals: Vactive Technology
  • Protects immersed and aerated surfaces
  • Additive with Vactive, anticorrosive of multiple actions, vapor and contact phases (intervals of full and empty
  • tank) (2)
  • Due to low concentration, does not interfere in features of burn and waste of the combustion engines (2)
  • Excellent solubility in Diesel (2)
  • Eliminates the formation of sulfate reducing bacteria colony (2)
  • Aerobic and anaerobic bactericidal (2)
  • Increased equipment performance (2)
  • Reduces the harmful effects in fuel filters, extending engine life (2)
  • Preserves reservoirs and pipes of the scaling effect (caused by metal oxidation near the drain) (2)