Wrapping Machines

IONTECH provides specialised wrapping machines to increase productivity and operation safety, to optimize logistics and improve production line processes.

All machines are CE certified and follow strict industry standards. Continual improvement since the first machines were launched in 1994 means our high quality machines are currently in operation around the world in North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Africa.

The exclusive technology is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure high performance, low maintenance, automation and safety. Customization and special projects can be designed to accommodate client needs.

There are three available models: MEC DAGI, SRW 800 and SPIDER WEB


The MEC DAGI wrapping machine was designed to wrap flat and long steel coils at steel mills.

It is composed of one or more fixed or mobile cradles, where the coils are deposited. Requires only one operator per shift. The machine can be operated in automatic or manual modes, which can be selected at the control panel.

Safety emergency stops are placed at strategic points allowing operation interruption in a safe and efficient way. The MEC DAGI machine can be designed for increased operation flexibility. A range of optional features can be selected to meet client needs.


The SPIDER WEB machine was developed for steel cord plants.

Requires only one operator. It has a spinning table which permits wrapping empty and full spiders. The structure contains a vertical column that allows a shuttle to move along it with packaging material. Safety emergency stops are placed at strategic points allowing operation interruption in a safe and efficient way.

Automatic and manual operation modes enabled through control panel.

SRW-150x125SRW 800

The SRW 800 coil wrapping machine was developed to wrap different types of wire coils at steel plants.

Built to prioritise feeding logistics at the wrapping station and the removal of the protected product, the equipment reduces operation time. Automatic and manual operation modes are enabled through control panel. Safety emergency stops are placed at strategic points allowing operation interruption in a safe and efficient way.

Dimensions can be customised according to customer needs. The operation is carried out with ergonomics in mind, reducing risks and health impacts to the operator. More flexibility can be added to SRW 800 models with a range of available optional configurations.