Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is where our products and services excel the most. We have a number of products that were developed specifically to address all certifications and requisites of this industry.

Through many years of research we have developed specific solutions for the Oil and Gas industry, such as:

MV Aqua 250 – Water-based anti-corrosive product – internal protection: pipeline, heat exchange, valves, pumps and other parts
MV Oil 800 – Protective oil – outdoor protection
MV Skin – Liquid V-Active resin – pipe flanges and terminal pipe protection
Shrink Film – Heavy equipment preservation covers

We work with many companies in the Oil and Gas industry such as Petrobras, Revap, Replan, GE, SGS, Modec, SBM. Our solutions have helped these companies reduce their maintenance and operational costs.

To learn more about how we can help your company and to detail some of the solutions we have developed over more than 20 years, please contact us.

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