Traditionally speaking corrosion is one of the most common issues in the automotive industry.

Preventing corrosion is key to assure performance, compliance to international standards, reliability, and durability, and it takes place at all levels of the manufacturing process. Especially considering that corrosion in raw materials or basic pieces can develop or materialise at a later stage of the chain process in a much larger and complex scale. Even at a domestic level, once the automobile is under the owner’s care, there are certain tasks that need to be carried out in order to protect the vehicle against corrosion.

Our products using V-Active packaging technology offers protection of spare parts for the after market, protection of parts in storage and transportation between production stages and protection of parts exported CKD to other plants.

Packing Materials
V-active VCI Polyethylene Film (Foil and Bag)
V-active VCI Woven Paper
V-active VCI Paper
V-active Cellulose Linter

Metal Working Fluids
MV Aqua 100 – Fluid for machining and grinding
MV Aqua 200 – Water-based degreaser
MV Aqua 250 – Water-based protective

They are trusted by:

Approval as Global Supplier of
Mahle Group
Schaeffler Group
Daymler Benz Group (Mercedes Benz)
Volkswagen Group

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